Concrete Mixing Power Buggy

 Power Buggy

Stop hauling concrete by wheelbarrow. For $200.00 added to your concrete bill, Oklahoma Mobile Concrete delivers and operates our Power Buggy for you. This awesome piece of equipment measures 43" wide (about the same as a large riding lawnmower) and holds a half-yard of concrete per trip. It cruises at 6 m.p.h. and has a hydraulic dump. This back saver is capable of doing the work of 4 fast wheelbarrowers. Once you use this service you will never use hand-operated wheelbarrows again!

* This service cannot be used with our U-Cart trailers.

concrete mixer

U-Cart Trailer

Oklahoma Mobile Concrete's U-Cart portable concrete trailers can be pulled behind your full size truck or van or SUV. Measuring 4.5' wide, they will dump into a wheelbarrow or straight onto the ground. The price for 1 yard or less is $175.00 plux tax. They can hold a max of 1.2 yards of concrete for $210.00 plus tax. There is a $250.00 deposit that you get back upon the return of our trailer, clean, undamaged and on time. You will need a full size truck, van or SUV with a 2 inch ball hitch. Same day appointments are possible, however for maximum flexability please make an appointment 1-2 days ahead. Extra time over the 2.5 hour limit is charged at $1.00 per minute.