Don't want to pay for extra concrete you dont need?

Want extra concrete on hand if you have miscalculated?

Oklahoma Mobile Concrete uses CemenTech™ volumetric mixing trucks to mix on site the right amount of concrete

you need for any particular project. With this unique service you will pay only for the concrete you pour! 

We will "knock off" up to one yard from your order if you don't need it. We have literally saved thousands of customers

hundreds of dollars! Call us at (918) 622-3930 for more details on how we can make your 

project more convenient and save you money.

Quality Concrete Production

Why is fresh concrete a superior product?

All concrete starts to set up immediately when water is added. Most other concrete companies sell barrel-mixed concrete. They mix at a batch plant and transport by truck in a rotating drum to the job site. Therefore, the curing process is already underway during travel time.

With the barrel truck method, if the concrete is mixed too long before delivery it will become a "hot load" and will be weak and set to quickly for you to work. This can also happen if your concrete is loaded in with left over concrete from a previous delivery. Barrel mixing minimizes the time available for finishing and, in most cases, requires the addition of extra water. The added water greatly reduces the concrete's strength and durability.


Why Choose Us?

Oklahoma Mobile Concrete provides the highest quality concrete services because we mix all of our concrete on-site using CemenTech volumetric mixing trucks. That means, no excess, no shortage and the best concrete quality possible. This modern design allows us to deliver smaller loads and charge you only for the amount you use*. As a courtesy to you, we usually have more concrete than you order available on the truck. So, if you need it, you don't have to wait for a second truck and pay a separate delivery charge as with traditional barrel mixing companies. On the other hand, if you order 3 yards but only use 2.5 yards, you only pay for 2.5 yards. No other company in the Tulsa area offers this service.

* We will "knock off" up to 1 yard from your order if you don't use any portion of it.

Call our Dispatcher Mike at (918) 622-3930
to order your concrete today. Same day appointments are possible. For best delivery options please order 2-3 days in advance.